not my idea really

September 26, 2008

Before we go too much further, I want to acknowledge a couple of people who seem to have pioneered the idea of data mining the Blizz armouries. By ‘data mining’ I mean finding ways to turn the data into actual information – generating the sort of lists and statistics that give us some help on what decisions to make in the game.

Of course the well known data-crunching sites – Thottbot, Wowhead etc – have been data gathering since the dawn of time, more or less, but that ain’t data mining. Thott will give you 57 choices for your headgear; the interesting question is what choices the most powerful characters have made. Theorycrafting is one way to answer that question; data mining is another.

If you want to see the sites that inspired me to start this project, here they are:
Armory Musings
The Build Mine

Both seem to have gone silent of late so I thought I’d step into the breach. My aim is to create a site that is a bit of a mixture of these two – class stats, talent builds and gear lists are the questions that interest me personally; things like population balance, factions/reputation and professions not so much.

But I’m open to arguments about what are the most useful pieces of information for each class. It’s all in the armoury and soon  (rubs hands together…) in my database muhahaha… But finding the time to analyse all the data is the real killer.


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