holy priest, batman!

October 9, 2008

So here I am, cranking out my nice charts for the class statistics reports when I spot this huge spike in the maximum mana for holy priests. 36101 mana for a level 60 priest!?!? Check this bloke out here.

Does anybody know whether this is even possible? There do seem to be bugs in the Armoury code, but I would have hoped that the numbers were reliable at least. But it seems like at least a fraction of the data is b..s.. This character’s gear and other stats don’t combine to produce 36K mana; he must have doubled up on his Wheaties for breakfast.

Unfortunately, the bottom line is that data mining results can only be as good as the data we’re mining.

Update 18 November 2008. It looks like the armoury data has been reset. There was a suggestion that the WotLK release would be accompanied by a purge of the older toons from the armoury; it looks like Blizz has done that.


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