priest stats and talent builds.

October 12, 2008

Progress is being made here, slowly but surely. I’ve got my class statistics report generator working reasonably well now. There are a few um… “issues…” with WordPress and HTML, but the charts and tables do seem to be readable.

For the priest class, I’ve created separate reports for holy-specced and shadow-specced. For characters below level 70, that just means that I divide them up by the tree into which they put the majority of the talent points they have spent at each level. Most classes will need to be treated like this – splitting them into pages for the key tank/dps/healz specs – for those classes that are not purely one or t’other.

There are tables for priest stats:

  • Priest Health
  • Priest Mana
  • Priest Stamina
  • Priest Intellect
  • Priest Spirit
  • Priest Spell Damage
  • Priest Spell Crit Chance
  • Priest Mana Regeneration (MP5)
  • and… not forgetting… Priest Healing

I’ve included tables for both shadow and holy priest healing, if you want to see what the differences are at each level.

I’ve also started generating reports on talent builds. I’m fully aware that the information in these reports has a sell-by date… perhaps as early as next week… At the moment I’m just interested in finding ways to present the information so that the tables are not too big and boring. There are a lot of builds, but generally only a relatively small number of popular choices. I’m trying to keep the signal-to-noise ratio in my talent reports as high as I can without losing important information. Not sure I’ve got it exactly right yet, but I am getting closer.


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