wow and body image

October 29, 2008

I was reading a blog the other day where the writer joked about being one of the half dozen people who play a female dwarf. Frankly, I was shocked!  No way players would choose their avatars on such trivial considerations. Like I was just saying to Chuck Norris, I’m always impressed by the maturity of the WoW community…

Anyway it certainly suggests a good subject for some data mining. Without further ado, here are the numbers:

male female overall
Dwarf 88% 12% 5%
Orc 87% 13% 6%
Tauren 87% 13% 8%
Undead 73% 27% 11%
Troll 71% 29% 5%
Gnome 61% 39% 7%
Human 57% 43% 17%
Night Elf 53% 47% 16%
Blood Elf 49% 51% 15%
Draenei 46% 54% 9%

That is, 88% of Dwarfs are male and 12% are female. Overall, Dwarfs are 5% of the total population (NB not 5% of the Alliance).

There’s a well known experiment where people from different cultures are shown a set of photos of faces, and are asked to rank them in order of perceived beauty. The chosen ranking is always the same, whether the people in the experiment are from the Amazon or from Zimbabwe. Maybe the most charitable thing we can say is that those experimental results have been confirmed here.


2 Responses to “wow and body image”

  1. Christina Says:

    With the paid race change announced today (10/27/09), I expect the number of female dwarves to dwindle further. I re-rolled my human priest as a dwarf at the plea of my guild for another fearward, back in the day. When they gave fearward to other races, my toon no longer had a reason to be a dwarf.
    When I get home tonight, I’ll happily pay for a race change. I’m tired of the fat jokes.

  2. zardoz Says:

    Oh for the days when only nerds played these sort of games! They knew that Tolkien managed to write several volumes involving dwarves without a single short fat chick joke.

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