invisible hand

January 8, 2009

I’m working on a new set of reports to cover some of the more general decisions that players need to make. Picking professions is a classic example. Professions can be played for fun and profit so it would be useful to know the most popular professions for each class; more useful still to know which combinations of professions are the most popular, since picking two that go together is half the battle, especially at lower levels when cash generation is usually the name of the game.

As people who work with database queries know, there are a couple of tricks to generating combinations from a relational database – we need a query which knows that “skinning/mining” and “mining/skinning” are not two different combinations. But once that problem is solved, it’s all downhill from there.

We end up with tables that look like this. This is the distribution of profession combinations across the total character base:

11% Skinning/Leatherworking
11% Herbalism/Alchemy
10% Mining/Blacksmithing
9% Tailoring/Enchanting
8% Mining/Engineering
6% Mining/Jewelcrafting
4% Skinning/Mining
3% Inscription/Herbalism
2% Skinning/Herbalism
2% Mining/Herbalism
2% Mining/Enchanting
1% Tailoring/Skinning
1% Tailoring/Herbalism
1% Skinning/Enchanting
1% Herbalism/Enchanting
1% Tailoring/Mining
1% Engineering/Enchanting
1% Jewelcrafting/Enchanting
1% Tailoring/Alchemy
1% Inscription/Enchanting

Combinations that have a popularity below 1% are not shown.

Useful information, but there is nothing too surprising in the table. Hopefully when the data is broken down across classes, some more interesting patterns will emerge.

(BTW I haven’t forgotten that the death knight stats pages aren’t up yet. There have been a couple of technical problems with my new stats queries… Should be fixed in the next day or so.)


2 Responses to “invisible hand”

  1. Garrandor Says:

    Wow there’s not a lot of LW/Alchemy people like me around

  2. zardoz Says:

    Ah, but popular choices may not always be good choices…

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