career opportunities; the ones that never knock

January 9, 2009

Tobold has a post up about a shortage of enchanters on his server. By coincidence, I’m data crunching professions at the moment, as I mentioned in my last post. It’s a simple matter to write a query that shows the overall popularity of each profession.

And voilà

Mining 20%
Skinning 13%
Herbalism 13%
Enchanting 10%
Tailoring 9%
Alchemy 8%
Leatherworking 7%
Blacksmithing 7%
Engineering 6%
Jewelcrafting 5%
Inscription 3%

It will be interesting to observe the changes in this distribution over time. There is no doubt that professions are enlisted in the nerf wars, just like classes are. And they’re vulnerable to other economic forces too since decisions about what professions to adopt are not cost free even in a virtual economy.

Update: If you look carefully at this table and the one in the post below, you will see that the percentages don’t seem to match. This table has enchanting at 10% whereas the other table has the percentage popularity for the Tailoring/Enchanting combo alone at 9%. The answer is that a small but significant number of toons only have one profession (!!) and aren’t picked up by the combo query. Sigh. Some MMOs do have ’em…


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