get a job!

January 16, 2009

well… two jobs in fact…

I’m struggling a bit with my professions reports. The database queries are correct, but the tables look odd because nothing adds up to 100%. The problem turns out to be a whole bunch of slackers who have fewer than two professions. I guess they’re all playing the AH instead… Or they’ve gone fishin’.

Out of a sample of 40,000 warlocks, for example, about 1000 have no primary professions and nearly 3000 have only one.


2 Responses to “get a job!”

  1. Krewd Says:

    Fascinating stuff!

    I’m curious about a few things.

    First is the distribution of professions by level. For leveling, a gathering profession may be easier on the money front, or a crafting profession for updating gear. Jewelcrafting and enchanting might be less useful while leveling, but are very useful at high levels. Level 80, in particular, has a very different set of priorities and needs. Enchantments and optimizations to heroic/raid drop gear become more important than the crafted items which get left behind.

    Also, can you tag recency of log-in? There’s a lot of deserted characters out there. I know I have a lot of alts that go unused, and there professions should not be taken seriously.

    Bank alts are also interesting. I’m not sure how you’d tag them, but they may not have a developed profession or may have enchanting (for disenchanting.) It may be you can tag this by % who have leveled the profession past 375.

  2. zardoz Says:

    Thanks for those thoughtful comments, Krewd. There’s a couple of excellent suggestions in there which I’ll take up.

    It is worth comparing the profession distribution at level 80 to that of levelling toons, for the reasons you suggest. Also, using the attained skill level to filter out the tyre-kickers is worth investigating too.

    In fact, the new character statistics XML contains a couple of “performance indicators” for professions: the skill level, and the number of recipes/patterns learnt by the character. Both could be used to sort out those professions that are being actively developed.

    At the moment I’m knee-deep in PvP queries, but give me a week or so and I’ll post something on both those points.

    My approach is to include only toons that have been played since the previous patch or expansion. The armoury gives the last log-in date which can be used to filter on this. Also the armoury will not return data on characters who have not been played since the WotLK expansion – which makes some of the filtering automatic. And the armoury does not provide data for characters lower than level 10, which should get rid of a lot of bank mules.

    Beyond that, it gets a lot more difficult to find currently active toons. Also, I’m reluctant to do too much filtering as it layers assumptions over the data. So, to me, the question of how many alts are inactive is something to be proved from the data (if possible…). Many alts are inactive, but a lot of others enjoy a happy early retirement, farming mats and pottering around with professions, as well as doing the odd run to the bank, hanging around the post office etc.

    If only the armoury had a main XML tag, life would be much easier…

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