Azeroth’s baby booms?

January 27, 2009

Here’s a chart I’ve had on my hard disk for a while. It’s apropos of nothing in particular – sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, so I thought I’d just put it up.

(Caution – only the relative heights of the bars are meaningful; this comes from my sample of about 630K toons and isn’t a count of the total population of Azeroth.)

A few things strike me:

  • the bulge of bouncing baby death knights after level 55
  • the number of toons still hangin’ around at level 70. Of course, most are just parked alts. But, since the armoury filters out all characters who haven’t been played since the WotLK expansion, these characters can’t be completely abandoned.
  • the relatively large number of toons in the 10-20 range. You can’t tell from the chart alone, but I’ve got some other data which suggests that the proportion of new leveling toons is increasing since WotLK.  They’ll be a mixture of established players trying new classes and new players coming on board. But either way, it suggests that the WoW bubble is not in any danger of bursting any time soon.
The relative distribution of characters by level

Relative distribution of characters by level


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