pistols at dawn

February 2, 2009

While we’re on the subject of playstyles and PvP, I thought it would be interesting to have a quick look at the data for dueling.

About 40% of toons have fought at least one duel. Most don’t go on to become hardcore duellists – the average number of duels fought is 2 and the number of toons who have fought more than 20 drops to 3%.

Only 25% of duelers have won more duels than they have lost. But that number includes all the dilettantes. If we filter out the amateurs and concentrate on duelists with, say, a minimum of 20 duels (one order of magnitude above the average) then we find that the win rate is more even.

58% of toons with more than 20 duels have won more than they have lost. So you might say that dueling is reasonably well balanced in the game.

But by class there really are clear winners and losers. If we get a count of won-more-than-lost by class for the more-than-20-duels group, we get this distribution:

Paladin 23%
Death Knight 13%
Rogue 13%
Warrior 10%
Mage 10%
Hunter 9%
Druid 7%
Warlock 6%
Shaman 5%
Priest 4%

In case that isn’t clear: 23% of all toons who have fought more than 20 duels and won more of those duels than they lost are Paladins. That’s another bit of data for the nerf wars – I’ll keep an eye on this and see if it changes in future patches.

I’ve also run a query on duelists by level. I’ve got a chart but it doesn’t show anything too exciting so I won’t bother posting it up. Basically, the number of toons dueling increases by level. So… there are more bored players at higher levels and more alts hangin’ round mailboxes… is my take on that. And there are little spikes at the x9 levels – so BG PvPers duel while waiting in the battleground queues.

And I can’t leave the subject of duels without including a reference to another golden oldie. Enjoy…


2 Responses to “pistols at dawn”

  1. Cool stuff – I always like to see how people play with interesting data!

    You should check out the SQL Server Data Mining Addins for Excel. If you don’t have a SQL Server license, you can go to http://sqlserverdatamining.com/cloud to get an experimental version that connects to our cloud data mining servers.

  2. zardoz Says:

    Yes, I certainly should. So far, I’ve been too busy getting the basics working and I’ve been relying on my select * from customers SQL skills that go back to the um… twentieth century… I’m just starting now to look at OLAP and more modern stuff.

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