kindergarden cop

February 4, 2009

A blog reader (hi Jess…) made a couple of good suggestions for data mining the more youthful part of the Azeroth population:  toons in the 10 to 20 bracket.

I posted a chart a little while ago on the number of characters at each level from 10 to 80. There is a spike in numbers at the low end and I guessed that that represented a bit of a surge in players rolling new characters. But there is an alternative explanation – that there are just a lot of abandoned toons here. Players pick a class, level the character for a while then decide they don’t like playing that class. But they don’t delete the character and the little rug rat just lingers on in toon limbo.

Unfortunately its hard to tell from a single scan of the armoury which is the correct explanation. I’ve set up a couple of queries that may help produce an answer but it’ll take a while to collect the data.

The other suggestion was to see if the class composition of the ankle-biter toons is being influenced by the nerf wars. At the top end, paladins are flavour of the month; that’s clear enough. But does that mean a lot of players are running out and rolling new pallys to get in on the act?

The answer from the data is “no”. Surprisingly, the numbers in each class in the 10-20 bracket are just about evenly balanced – around 10-12% for each of the nine classes allowed at these levels.

There’s no sign of any hard swings between classes, or between tank/healer/dps playstyles for that matter. The healer classes are a bit under-represented at these levels but then isn’t that true at all levels?


5 Responses to “kindergarden cop”

  1. Chanti Says:

    Actually I’m very surprised that there isn’t a skew towards cloth wearing classes.

    Clearly some classes are more challenging and time consuming to level than others but the fact that there are as many hunters as priests in the 10-20 bracket suggests that this is not a significant factor in a players decision to continue levelling a character.

    It it interesting to speculate on what reasons people might have (apart from the obvious issue of time) for abandoning a character.
    I have often wondered if most players learn to play on their first character (whatever class they have chosen)and find that adjusting to a different playstyle is more hassle than it is worth…of course I started with a hunter so maybe that’s just me.

  2. Joe Says:

    Hey Zardoz, I would just like to comment on what a great idea this is and what a useful site it has been to me around the December/January time period when a lot of this data was mined. It helped me pinpoint the most popular specs and the most popular gems for a couple of classes I was a little confused on, and it’s been a tremendous guide for me. Keep up the good work!

    My only question is, now that it is February and many people’s gems have adapted and been upgraded (since money and supply was more of an issue back in December but no longer is, which is why some classes have a weaker gem as the most popular in your mining back then), and that some talents have been changed or new options made available and much more testing on specs has been done in the community, I was wondering if you planned to do another full mine of the specs/gems and post that up anytime soon? I personally would find it incredibly helpful.

    Thanks again,

  3. zardoz Says:

    My plan is to do regular scans to keep the site up to date, but Blizz keeps throwing me off course with the endless patches. It takes about 2 weeks to generate enough data, and I like to wait a couple of weeks after each patch to give players time to react to the patch (there has to be enough time for people to experiment with the nerfs/buffs and form new opinions about talents, gear etc).

    So that’s a minimum of 4 weeks between scans, by which time the next patch seems to be in the pipeline. 3.0.9 is arriving just when I’d be doing a full scan for 3.0.8 changes, and that’s the current hold-up.

  4. Joe Says:

    Yeah, I see what you mean. I have also been surprised at the number of class tweaks they’ve made before the first content patch (3.1) and when that comes out it’s gonna be a whole different ballgame again.

    Well, until you do find the data you’ve collected to be correct enough, large enough, and current enough, I will still use your site as a basis to help people in my guild who have questions about their gem/talent choices. Hopefully 3.1 is a little ways off since it hasn’t gone to PTR yet and you’ll be able to submit some data based on 3.0.9 sometime.

    Thanks again for all the insight,

  5. zardoz Says:

    With a bit of luck there should be enough time to do a scan once 3.0.9 has been digested by the player base. As well, there is another data mining site worth checking out: Armory Musings is linked in the sidebar. He’s just putting 3.0.8 data up now, so it’s a bit fresher than what’s here.

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