the nerf wars – a report from the front

February 27, 2009

So! All these patches, eh? The game must now be balanced within an inch of its life, surely.

Or perhaps not. Here’s the latest (post patch-3.0.9) class distribution at level 80 and level 70. The level 70 distribution is an indicator of class popularity prior to WotLK (with the obvious exception of DKs) since there are still a lot of alts parked there.

Level 80 Level 70 delta
Paladin 14% 8% +6%
Death Knight 14% 6% +8%
Warrior 10% 11% 0%
Druid 10% 7% +3%
Mage 10% 12% -2%
Hunter 10% 15% -5%
Priest 10% 10% 0%
Rogue 8% 14% -6%
Shaman 8% 7% +1%
Warlock 7% 11% -4%

To me it seems like there’s still a way to go. Some of the more interesting and challenging classes like warlocks and rogues have been absolutely hammered. You might say that hunters used to be too popular, but now the same can be said about paladins. (DKs I can understand – eveybody wants to try the new thing.)

And so people are voting with their virtual feet – parking their old toons at the bank and heading out with their paladins and DKs.


4 Responses to “the nerf wars – a report from the front”

  1. Hagu Says:

    And this just looks at getting a toon to 80. I leveled my warlock first to 80 in November because I really enjoyed it at 70. I got all level 200+ gear. But I rarely play it now. When I discontinue my account I am sure warlock will be the first reason I list.

  2. pitrelli Says:

    Well I’ve recently parked my rogue at lvl 80 and started a paladin, mainly because the rogue just isnt fun anymore due to being so gear dependant. The once king of PvP has to run from both death knights and paladins unless of course you are fully purpled and have the skill.

    Ah well I’ll defo go back to the Rogue when we are given some love but im sorry there is far too much ‘hybrid’ love to not want to be a part of it. IMO rogues and other primary dps should be at an advantage to hybrid classes specifically when duel specs come in to play.

    Thats just my two cents, im off to level my loladin……

  3. […] favorite post there so far is this one: A breakdown of the number of each class. Let’s look at what he has […]

  4. Longasc Says:

    I played a Warlock, too, and the trend does not surprise me.

    The data cannot provide this info, but many Warlock players felt that the Death Knight has “stolen” or many ideas that would really fit to the Warlock class. I guess some of the new DK’s are re-rolled chars from unsatisfied Warlocks.

    This sad, besides whining about the Warlock class, the trend is that ALL pure DPS classes suffer. This is the age of the hybrid classes, and dual speccing will reinforce this trend even more.

    Ghostcrawler’s mantra “Bring the player, not the class” shows its ugly side, the sub-par implementation of a good idea. It shows balance issues, and Warlocks have voted with their feet. Shamans are still unpopular, despite Chain Healing.

    The decline of the Rogue is due to the WOTLK instance design. If all is AoE tanking and AoE nuking you can do, single target oriented, and there is no need for sap or any kind of CC, single target damage oriented classes suffer.

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