action stations

April 14, 2009

According to WoWInsider, patch 3.1 is going live tomorrow. Good timing really; just after a nice relaxing Easter break. But, from the point of view of this blog, what really matters is the changes to the armoury – if it isn’t in the armoury (cough glyphs cough) I can’t analyse it for you.

I’m especially keen to see how they represent dual specs in the data, since that is going to have the most significant impact here.

So far there’s no sign of any movement over there – the US and EU sites are both up and running normally, but I suppose it’s a bit early yet. Here in Oz it’s Tuesday evening. We’ll see what tomorrow morning brings.

UPDATE: Yippee! Christmas in April. The armoury has been updated as you’ll see if you go there. Both specs get reported for those with dual specs. And glyphs too… There might be more new stuff in there; I’ll do a longer post when I’ve checked out all the XML. But that’s the change we were looking for.


One Response to “action stations”

  1. Chris F Says:

    I hope it becomes mineable =)I recently just found your blog and really appreciate the data and insights your post have – I even featured this site in one of my own posts recently =)

    Keep up the great work/fun, and I look forward to more posts!


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