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April 16, 2009

This site is going to be seriously out-of-date for the next few weeks. I’m planning to wait two weeks before I start a scan for 3.1 – that should give players plenty of time to experiment with the new talents and with the whole dual spec thing. Starting earlier doesn’t help much if players are still making up their minds what to do with all the goodies in 3.1.

It takes about ten days to build a big enough sample, then a few more days to update the website. So we’re looking at the second or third week in May, alas.

You may see some twink report pages appear in the next week or so but that is just me setting up the static web pages – any data in them will be 3.0.9 and therefore probably only somewhat useful.

On the other hand, the new reports will have a full analysis of enchants and glyphs (at last!) and all the dual spec goodness you could possibly want.


4 Responses to “blog status”

  1. fa Says:

    As someone who’s a bit annoyed now that his Armory Toolset needs another update, how are you dealing with the changing format of the armory?
    I’m in no way aiming for a scale as large as yours, my stuff is 80% personal and 20% guild only, so I’m also not pressed to update.
    Then again, if I missed that post, how do you access the armory?

  2. zardoz Says:

    Patches are always a mixture of good and bad news. On one hand there’s new data; on the other hand there are the changes to the XML and the underlying data model which impact on my setup. That’s always a pain, but I guess it’s just part of the meta-game we’re playing here.

    I haven’t posted that much about my setup; I really should describe my operation a bit more. Basically I’m building lists of characters, then fetching the XML pages for each character, shredding them using XPath, storing the information in a relational database, then querying the DB via SQL to generate the reports. Big changes like this one ripple down the whole chain – the XPath, the interface to the DB, the database schema and queries and the HTML reports at the other end. That hurts a bit – no doubt about it.

  3. Robbie Says:

    Hi m8!

    I must say I really like this site and am kinda upset with Blizz for AGAIN changing the whole Talent Build thing. I hope you can update this site soon as it is my main source for Talent Builds. I will be checking for updates and hope you will be able to sort things out soon.


  4. zardoz Says:

    Thanks. I’ll be going as fast as I can. But it is worth saying that the main holdup is waiting for the player base to figure out what to do. This site is not a “live” view of the armoury – I build a database then generate reports from the database. I’ve scanned too early after a patch once before and found that by the time the data was ready, players in some classes had changed their minds – again – especially about talents, where Blizz seems to be endlessly chopping and changing these days. Some classes see whole trees rise and fall – worse than clearing the Amazon…

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