more information than you require

April 22, 2009

You may not have noticed yet, given all the 3.1 (and now 3.1.1!)  fun, but a whole slab of character stats have disappeared from the armoury. The most interesting ones that have gone are the detailed BG performance stats. Strangely enough, the raiding performance numbers are still there – the missing ones all seem to be PvP related.

Now if I were a, like, y’know, paranoid kinda person, I’d be putting forward the following conspiracy theory. PvP stats are about class performance and raid stats are about group performance. Raid stats tell you something about a guild because performance depends on the ability of the guild to coordinate, to lead, to control the Leeroy Jenkins element etc etc. And indeed there are websites out there that do exactly that:  rate guilds by how many, and which, raid dungeon bosses they’ve downed.

But PvP stats, being all about the mano a mano thing, tell you something about the relative performance of classes. And that subject really does seem to be Blizz’s bête noire these days. Just exactly why they’re so focused on it escapes me – but then I never go anywhere near the official fora so maybe that’s why I’m in the dark.

My conspiracy theory would be that they don’t want anybody to be able to just run class balance through the ol’ spreadsheet to see what comes out the other end.

I made a modest contribution to using the BG data to look at class balance here on this blog. But I believe I was pretty careful to say, like dude, we don’t expect the classes to be balanced across any narrow set of performance measures. Classes that can tank and CC and heal are people too.

But anyway I’m not the paranoid type, so that’s enough of that. It’s just a silly game. Let’s move on.


4 Responses to “more information than you require”

  1. Owen Says:

    A lot of information was stripped from the files…a lot of fun information. For example, the deaths by falling and deaths from hogger statistic is no longer available…for a short time, I was producing top10 lists for my guild – top 10 falling deaths, hogger deaths, Avg #deaths per instance run, etc. It helped drag people back to the guild website.

  2. zardoz Says:

    True. That’s why I keep hoping it’s a bug and not a feature. Surely Ghostcrawler can’t be losing sleep at night over which classes are unbalanced in the Hogger fight!?

  3. Mike Darga Says:

    +1000000000 points for use of the word “fora”

  4. zardoz Says:

    it’s the fauna in the fora that scare me 😉

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