gone in 60 seconds

April 29, 2009

I’ve withdrawn my last post on dual specs because I don’t believe the numbers are right. Those low numbers for dual spec adoption just aren’t credible. I don’t know whether there are still issues with the armoury itself, or something that I’m doing wrong, but I’m working on it.

I guess the number of patches and hotfixes in the game tells us something. OTOH it may just be my stuff-up.


One Response to “gone in 60 seconds”

  1. Hey Zardoz,

    You were right, Dual Specs have been taken up by more people than your data suggested, but it’s not THAT much more.

    I’ve done the same report from the 700,000 characters in my http://www.talentchic.com database of level 80 players. Only 49% of all characters have purchased dual spec.

    The percentage of DPS-only classes purchasing dual-spec is way down (31% of hunters, 40% of rogues) which is to be expected, The highest take-up of Dual Spec is Druids with 61% paying the gold.

    Zardoz, I can send you the full list if you email me.


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