moar content plz?

May 8, 2009

Things are progressing nicely here. My scanner is past the 100K character mark – just a bit behind where I’d hoped to be by now. All the new glyph and enchant pages are up. I’ll refresh them at the end of the scan when I have a bigger data set.

And as always, the raw data has interesting things to say. What struck me this time is how many characters are piled up at level 80. Here’s the chart:

Character distribution by level

You can compare that with the distribution at the beginning of the year. The logjam of level 70s has been cleared, which means people have taken most of their alts to 80. Of course that begs the question – what next when you’ve got all your toons to 8o?

I must admit that this raises a design issue that I have never understood. Why does Blizz downplay the levelling experience so much? Some of my fondest memories in the game are instance runs through some of the mid level content like Blackfathom Deeps. A bit challenging for a leveling character and with plenty of lively, fun fights.  There is so much content in old Azeroth that has been devalued by the changes since BC.

True, a  lot of it is just kill-10-rats quests, but surely it would be easier to beef up that content than create complete new zones. A few creative writers to add new questlines with a bit of variety and challenge must be gazillions of dollars cheaper than the army of artists needed to work up a whole new continent.


It’s worth saying that this chart puts the dual specs data in a different light too. In my post on that subject, I said that the take-up of dual specs was lower than I was expecting. A commenter pointed out that I didn’t seem to have taken alts into account. Well, I had, sorta… I thought that most alts were still back in the 70-79 range and weren’t being counted in my sample.

LOL! I can see that that assumption was, like, so totally February 2009… It’s clear now that the commenter was quite right. If about 50% of all level 80s have dual specs, as they do, then everybody’s main has them, statistically speaking at least. And a good few alts as well.


3 Responses to “moar content plz?”

  1. Its been 7 months since you updated the data. How about just something, even if its wrong, because that would beat the 2008 data.

  2. zardoz Says:

    Mate, tell me this… As you go through life, do you notice a lot of people laughing at you and calling you an eejit?

  3. Dillion Says:

    On your comment about leveling experience. I agree. I’ve just gotten back into the game and up to 76. I did play Warhammer for a time and would love if WoW diversified the means to get to 80. Adding just a little XP to player kills would be remarkable for people leveling up. They’d have alternatives to questing or instancing.

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