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May 26, 2009

The site should now be fully updated for patch 3.1.1. Just in time for patch 3.1.2, yah!

That does raise a serious issue – this blog-style site is becoming harder to maintain as the number of data pages grows. For example, given the blog management tools available, I can’t see any simple way to even be sure that I have updated every page. If you see one I missed, let me know.

And the number of pages is going to continue to grow, making navigation more problematic, given the simple set of link-y widgets available. The next big thing on my to-do list is to divide the level 80 reports up into PvP and raiding groups. Reports are going to multiply faster than the proverbial pair of breeding rabbits.

Over at Armory Musings, Okoloth, one of the original WoW dataminers, talks about why he moved his main reports to Google’s app engine. When I read that a while back, I had a bit of a d’oh moment – I’d just finished the reporting tool chain for this site and didn’t want to scrap the whole thing and start again. But his logic can’t be faulted – blog sites just don’t have the flexibility needed to manage complex sets of pages, especially when each page has to be updated regularly.

Google’s app engine has all the good stuff  – fast, free and flexible. Can’t ask for more than that!

So I’ve been busy playing with Google’s development environment. You’re welcome to have a stickybeak at what I’ve been up to here. There is no data there yet, and there won’t be for a while yet as I’m still thinking about how to structure the site.

But you can see from the menu bar over there where I’m trying to go: a navigation system that will take you directly to the reports you are looking for and with room to expand through several levels, as the reports themselves become more selective.

And at last we should get those nice item tooltips that every other WoW site manages to have.


8 Responses to “the g-spot”

  1. Chillyhollow Says:

    I run into the same problem. My WOW blog on Blogspot isn’t original content, it is short articles on topics with links to information all over. Blogs are not set up to easily organize information. The best I can do is keyword everything carefully so a blog search should turn up information on a topic, and not post a new blog entry on everything. Instead I update previous entries with the newer information. It really doesn’t work all that well, however. Many folks don’t know how to search successfully and others have such a short attention span they never bother. Plus I have to remember to keep checking my list of keywords to make them standard, which is time consuming. I also need to remove old postings that link to WOW Tuesday maintenance days since one they pass, it doesn’t matter any more. PLUS I need to remember to make backups once a week. WHEW.

    No wonder you are looking into Google apps. Good luck is all I can say! I don’t know if this will work for you but you aren’t alone in trying to manage the problem.

    Chillyhollow, blogging her brains out at

  2. Wytanirdi Says:

    Hey, you might be able to do something awesome with Google Fusion Tables:

  3. zardoz Says:

    well spotted! thanks.

  4. Grant Says:

    I’ve look most everywhere, and I can’t seem to find a report with Race / Profession. You have great ones for Class/Profession. Do you know where I might find such a thing or can you generate it?

    Much appreciation,

  5. zardoz Says:

    I can generate it easily enough, but would it tell us very much? My understanding is that professions generally are selected based on class attributes such as the type of armour worn, or on playstyle considerations such as engineering for PvP.

  6. Grant Says:

    I wouldn’t know what it would show until I saw it. That’s why I am looking for it. I know certain races get a + to certain professions. I wonder if there is a trend for certain races to choose a profession. I know gnomes get a + to engineering so i would think they tend to choose that, or Draenei get a + to jewel crafting. I’d like to go beyond the somewhat givens and see what the trend was, if any.

  7. zardoz Says:

    OK, well my motto is “to boldly go” so let’s see what we can see. Give me till the end of this week, as I’m away from the database for a lot of this week, and I’ll get us a report.

  8. zardoz Says:

    Grant: Ok, done now. See the main blog page.

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