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June 24, 2009

Things may look quiet here but that’s just because I’ve been busy setting up my Google App Engine site. I make no claim to being a level 80 elite Tauren web designer, so the process has been a bit less smooth than I might have liked, but it’s nearly all done.

If you have a few spare moments, you could hop over there and see if you can find anything wrong with the Death Knight reports. That’s the first dropdown on the main menu bar, where all the submenu links should now be working.  Don’t bother with any other class – DKs are the only class where all the reports are up, for now.

But all the machinery is in place to generate reports for the other classes. Just a matter of cranking the handle.

Incidentally, if you’re ever faced with the problem of creating HTML and CSS using only free tools, let me sing the praises of Firebug as a layout debugger. In particular, its ability to debug the CSS cascade is invaluable. When your H3 tags, which should be 2.7 ems and dark grey, are all coming out as 1.6 ems and a funky sky blue, who you gonna call? Well, somebody who can analyse the cascade of style rules, so you can see which rule is clobbering the rule you think should apply. Firebug does this perfectly. And you can edit the rules and the HTML on-the-fly in the Firebug window and immediately see the change rendered in the browser – invaluable for those final tweaks to the layout.

And just to get it all out of my system, let me say I HATE CSS! Phew, that’s better. Unfortunately there’s no doubt that it is the Right Thing to use, but couldn’t somebody have made it a bit less counterintuitive? And as software engineers know, all code evolves towards the big ball of mud. But nothing gets there faster than a CSS stylesheet in the hands of an enthusiastic amateur.


4 Responses to “blog status”

  1. nXt Says:

    Try It is very good in helping to organize CSS code much better by allowing things like variables and nested rules to be used in your style definitions. Besides that, keep up the good work!

  2. zardoz Says:

    Thanks. That link does look interesting.

  3. rob douglas Says:

    when will the other classes be updated? 😀

  4. zardoz Says:

    I’m on it now. But its the same basic data you get here – I haven’t done a new scan of the Armoury. May as well wait for patch 3.2.

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