pet sounds

July 3, 2009

Here’s news for Hunters:  Blizz has added your pets and their talents to your character talent page in the armoury.

That will give us a lot of new insight into the types of creatures that make the most popular pets, and how players spend pet talent points. The XML is straightforward and contains no quirks and so I’m cranking up the SQL editor as we speak.

I’ll try and have the new reports ready before the next refresh of my data. As to when that will be, well, about a week after Patch 3.2 drops. As to when that will be… well…


5 Responses to “pet sounds”

  1. […] of patch 3.2, our friends over at the Armory Data Mining project announced that they would begin tracking hunter pet stats shortly after the release of the patch. We can’t […]

  2. Mike Says:

    I was wondering if you had any plans to implement one more bracket for your armory data mining.

    The level 60 bracket has grown in popularity and since WoW’s Armory doesn’t work for me (File Not Found error all the time), i’ve come to rely heavily on your hard work.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. zardoz Says:

    Anything’s possible. What are people doing at level 60?

  4. Mike Says:

    I think it’s the AV bracket (51-60) while giving the option of 60-69 but let’s you stick to the old school raid content gear.

  5. zardoz Says:

    Ah yes… being somewhat PvP-challenged, I haven’t paid the AV brackets enough attention. I’ll see if I can address that. Thanks for the suggestion.

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