twilight zone

July 9, 2009

Anybody out there happen to know why the armoury is currently returning talent strings 100 characters long for Druids? They still have only 85 talents AFAIK.

I can see that the string is just right-padded with zeros so it’s no biggie. But hey, we’re trying to maintain a quality service here. Six sigmas and all that stuff.


3 Responses to “twilight zone”

  1. Lewisham Says:

    I’ve been having other problems with the Armory, particularly the Arena pages, which haven’t been navigable by specific realms for the last two days. The US Armory is now accessible via direct URL (nav still broken) but the EU remains messed up.

    A bad couple of days for the Armory.

  2. Owen Says:

    I’ve been having a lot of problems with the armory the last couple of weeks. Bad formed xml from certain characters, out of date information (in one case, with an active druid well known to me, it returned a gear spec and set the druid had been wearing almost 2 weeks prior). The quality and timeliness of the information has dropped a lot.

  3. zardoz Says:

    Oh well; all part of the challenge I guess. Maybe Blizz are preparing big changes for 3.2.

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