gimme some skin

July 23, 2009

Thanks to everybody over at Mania’s who said nice things about my hunter pets report. One thing that I got from that discussion is that hunters care a lot about the look of their pets as well as their DPS.  To help with that, I can now present a report on the skins used on the various types of pets and how rare or not each skin is.

So, for example, we have this for bats:

Skin Popularity
batskinwhite01 39.6%
batskinbrown01 31.9%
batskinviolet01 16.7%
batskin01 11.1%
Unknown 0.7%

You can jump from each skin name over to Petopia, where you can see the art, and find the creatures that you need to tame to get the look.

Special thanks go to Wayne, who not only gave me a bit of a prod to Just Do It, but gathered up all the pets-to-skins data that makes the report possible.


4 Responses to “gimme some skin”

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  2. Shayzani Says:

    This is exactly the information I’ve wanted for ages. Thank you!

  3. Phil Says:

    This is great brain candy. A query I’d love to see is a version of the total population by family breakdown for the following pet levels: pets under 70 (leveling pets), pets 70-73 (some leveling pets, but also a lot of BC pets consigned to the stables by game changes), pets at 75-77 (will include a lot of underused vanity pets tamed by hunters at 80 but never leveled up), and pets at 80 (pets which are being used daily and consistently).

  4. zardoz Says:

    Good suggestions there, thanks. There’s a lot more to be done with the pet data. I’ll get back on it after I’ve dealt with 3.2.

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