beggars banquet

August 25, 2009

Ok, Patch 3.2 data is up. You know where


4 Responses to “beggars banquet”

  1. Nordral Says:

    Fumble and stumble through WOW sites and forums…and I found you. Data rather then oppinion…what a cocept. This is just to thank you for your effort, the format is wonderfully thought out, I will be visiting frequently, again Thank You.


  2. Cynedelina Says:

    I was just taking a look at your 19 twink paladin page and thought it real odd that the best of the best pallys were wearing leather chest pieces. Can this really be?

  3. Owen Says:

    It would be awesome if you could add some more statistical information, such as median and std deviation. For example, if you look at your mage statistics data under minimum spellpower for level 80s, the patch 3.2 value is 0. No mage in their right mind would run with 0 spellpower so they must have logged out with no gear on. This drags down the average and gives a false picture of a ‘typical’ mage. Another possibility would be to exclude any toons that had no gear on or missing a lot of gear.

  4. zardoz Says:


    I’m not a twinker myself, but I do sanity-check the reports against the best of the twinking guides out there in cyberspace. If you look at this or this, you’ll see that what they recommend is broadly what we find in the data. Leather chest armour does seem to be the way-to-go for pallies at 19.


    “Min” is pretty much a waste of time for the reasons you say; I’ve just been too lazy to get rid of it. I’ve simplified the stats tables now, so it is possible to show median and standard deviation without making the tables too bloated; I’ll add that to my to-do-list.

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