a scan darkly

October 14, 2009

I’m doing a fresh scan now, so I should be able to update my reports in a week or so. I must admit I’m not following patch 3.3 all that closely, but if it comes along then no biggie…


8 Responses to “a scan darkly”

  1. Armagon Says:

    maybe I’m just blind, but do you have any numbers of *overall* distribution by class and race? (20% Humans, 5% Human Rogues, etc.pp)

  2. zardoz Says:

    No, I haven’t done that one in any depth. There are other sites that seem to cover overall population pretty well eg here.

  3. Armagon Says:

    Hm, yeah. I know of that one, but as I’ve seen the data of the “Char History” rot more and more I’ve kind of lost my faith in those numbers being current. Then again they do take into account more than most people scrap from the armory, e.g. level 80s in bigger guilds.

    Anyway, would have loved to see a simple breakdown of this, I last crawled the armory in May 2008 and since not updated my infrastructure, iirc that was only one SQL-Statement to print out all race/class combos.

    Thanks for the data you do provide, by the way, very insightful 🙂

  4. zardoz Says:

    Sure, it’s simple enough to do. Give me a bit of time and I’ll roll out a couple of basic reports.

  5. zardoz Says:

    Ok done. The latest blog post covers what you’re after. I’ll crank out a permanent report later so my Google site stays up-to-date with this.

  6. K Says:

    I read for you comment about counting cats and bears over at wow.com. Sorry for commenting in a random post, but I couldn’t find any general contact information.

    The best talent I can think of to seperate cat druids from bears is Natural Reaction, 25 points into the feral tree. It increases dodge in bear form and does absolutely nothing in cat form, so anyone who takes it is at least doing some tanking. The only other talent I thought of was Thick Hide which increases armor, but I think that talent works it’s way into most feral PvP builds as well.

    As for glyphs, they are actually very diffferent because cats and bears don’t share a lot of abilities. Maul is a bear ability; anyone who glyphs into it is a bear. Shred or Rip are cat abilities. The problem is there are a fair number of glyphs for each and different bears will glyph differently.

    Hope this helps, I’d love to see some information on how many bear tanks are actually out there.

  7. Alaron Says:


    You mentioned in a wow.com comment that you could possibly split out kitty druids vs. bears; I’d be interested in seeing it. It’s a pretty difficult task, since they’re so similar in how they gear/talent…you can build a hybrid build that can do great DPS and tank well. Anyway, here’s what I’m thinking offhand:
    Cats (generally) glyph Shred/Rip/Savage Roar. They wear no gear with dodge rating. Their trinkets have haste/crit/AP/ArPen procs.
    Bears glyph Maul/Frenzied Regeneration/Survival Instincts, though this is less strict since these glyphs are more situational. They wear gear with dodge rating. Their trinkets have armor/dodge/stam procs.

  8. zardoz Says:

    Apologies to Alaron and K for the delay in approving your comments – I’ve been in a ‘net free zone for the past couple of days.
    Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll be trying them all to see what the data looks like and I’ll have a couple of posts up on the subject in the next week or so.

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