dances with patches

December 14, 2009

I’ll be updating the data for patch 3.3 in due course. There’s a lot of class changes, so we’ll give it a couple of weeks to percolate through the playersphere. But there’s nothing much new in the XML that I can see, unfortunately.

There are also hints of interesting new armoury features to come. I’m not sure that very much can be datamined from them, but character activity notifications via RSS may hold real possibilities.

Meanwhile I’m working slowly through a to-do list based on your requests and suggestions. I’ve got an economics page up over at my Google site. I’m adding consolidated reports – ie across the total population – on the most popular gems, glyphs, enchants and crafted gear. I’m also looking at a similar set of reports based on my twink samples – that’s where some of the big spenders are so it would be interesting to see an overall picture of where the cash goes. They’re not spending up big on Haris Pilton bags, that’s for sure.


6 Responses to “dances with patches”

  1. tankadin Says:

    Speaking of class changes… Blizzard made some changes to the mage frost tree in patch 3.3 that makes them at least somewhat viable for raiding. Previously, frost was pretty much a PvP only spec. The question on everyone’s mind now is exactly what build to use for PvE raiding. I was wondering if it was possible to do an analysis of mages with “deep frost” builds while filtering out people with resilience gear. It’s probably sufficient to filter out people with more than one piece of resilience gear just in case someone has a pair of gloves or something that they got from doing VoA. From what I can tell from reading the mage forums, all raiding builds will probably have some points in the arcane tree, presumably to get the “Torment the Weak” talent. Another thing to note was that Blizzard added a new “Glyph of Eternal Water”, which is also considered mandatory for PvE raiding as frost, so you can also use that to help filter out old builds. The hard-core progression raiding guilds probably still don’t allow mages to raid frost, so the majority of your results will probably come from people with lower tiers of raid gear.

  2. zardoz Says:

    The problem of splitting specs into raiding and PvP camps has been on my to-do list for a long time – it’s high time I actually did something about it. Let me see what I can come up with over the Christmas break; it is an interesting problem to play around with. Using resilience to select out the PvP-ers is a good idea. The other option is to use the item source information in the data – toons with gear from raid bosses are raiders etc…

  3. tankadin Says:

    Thanks for looking into this.

    I’m sure you’re aware that PvE does not necessarily equal raider.

    Me and my friends just run heroics and purchase tier gear with badges, but at the moment we don’t raid and I wouldn’t consider ourselves raiders. However we all have zero resilience and definitely not PvP types.

    So don’t look at armory data for gear that only drops from bosses and don’t look for people with the most raid runs.

    I think the resilience angle should be a sufficient filter. You can be PvE without actually raiding, but you cannot PvP without resilience.

  4. zardoz Says:

    Yes, we need 3 basic categories – PvP-ers, raiders and general PvE-ers. The key problem to solve is to find a way to identify which of those three things the toon has been doing when the armoury snapshot is taken. There are a lot of possibilities, especially with dual specs and gear management, for toons mixing and matching what they do. So, the armoury count of raids run can’t be used because even the most fanatical raiding player might spend the odd evening PvP-ing for variety and log out with a PvP spec active. All the raids they ran in the past six months won’t tell us that they currently have a PvP spec.
    My plan is to try resilience, and gear source, since you would expect gear and spec to be highly correlated. There should be some gear-source information that will find toons doing heroic instances and the like, which will separate them out from the raider.

  5. Jess Says:

    It’d also be interesting to see how the changes to battlegrounds that separated twinks from the general population have effected the amount of time people spend playing on their twinks (as well as the decision to make a new one I guess).

    Has not being able to 1-shot level 11’s spoiled it or made the experience more satisfying?

  6. zardoz Says:

    Yes, I’d expect those changes to make a difference. Alas, I’m not sure I’ve got the right data to go very far down that path but.

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