the choir invisible

March 2, 2010

Many thanks to everybody who responded to my invitation to help give my data a more modern statistical treatment. I’ve got the first guest post ready to go, thanks to the work of Darush, who had another look at the feral druid forms question.

I’ll get his post up in a moment.

Meanwhile I can see that I need to have a closer look at data mining stats techniques myself. That whole mean-and-standard-deviation thing is sooo twentieth-century. Fortunately the interwebz make all things possible. A simple Google search turned up this, for example. And there are lots of other resources out there as well.

Unfortunately things have turned a little intense at work, which is holding up a number of new things I’d like to do with this site. That includes responding to several people who have left good comments and suggestions over the last little while. I haven’t forgotten you.

But there won’t be any improvement on the work front for the next month at least. After that, my time should be a lot more free and we can make progress again.

It is my intention to refresh the data soon, but, since it is getting a bit stale. We’ll see where we are with patch 3.3.3.


2 Responses to “the choir invisible”

  1. Lithmir Says:

    Didn’t see any general way to contact you other than commenting here…

    Definitely appreciate the site – I was wondering since you can easily pick out specs if you could make a battleground report that excludes healers. Maybe have a chart of healing done / deaths for healing specced characters and a chart of damage done / deaths for other specs? Maybe even a dot on the chart for each spec?

  2. zardoz Says:

    Hi Lithmir

    That’s an interesting idea, but there doesn’t seem to be very much in the data about healing. “Total healing done” seems to be the total over the lifetime of the character and may not relate directly to healing in BGs, although for twinks there may well be a good correlation. Generally I show deaths per game, which I get naturally enough by dividing total deaths by total games. Would it be valid to divide total healing done by total games? It might be for twinks, but many twinks are run through instances as part of their leveling-up process and the total healing done would include healing done there.

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