radar o’reilly

March 6, 2010

Welcome to everyone coming here from O’Reilly Radar (not to be confused with “Radar” O’Reilly which is from another time and place entirely). This O’Reilly is one of the premier publishers of books and other material for people in and around the computer industry. I’ve got half a dozen of their books on the desk in front of me here.

XSLT Cookbook saved my bacon several times during the making of this site.

I’d just like to repeat my earlier invitation to anybody who enjoys playing with large data sets, and who has some statistical skills, to get in touch with me. Just leave a comment here and I’ll email you.

I do understand databases and web stuff, but alas I’m a bit statistically challenged… so I’m looking for people who might like to run some of the numbers through modern datamining algorithms and see what we come up with.

Oh and speaking of which…


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