in through the ‘out’ door

March 23, 2010

Looks like patch 3.3.3 is busy being born. I’ll be updating my data and reports to match, as soon as the patch takes effect.

(Unfortunately it seems that this patch hasn’t copied the wonderful battle hamsters idea, but, which is a real shame…)

Meanwhile I’m playing with some interesting and impressive (and free!) data mining and visualization tools and I’m aiming to get some posts up very soon based on what they can do.


3 Responses to “in through the ‘out’ door”

  1. Mania Says:

    Just give them time! WoW always grabs the best from every good MMO out there. *snort*

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  3. zardoz Says:

    LOL, yes indeed Mania. I just hope Blizz names them correctly if they copy them. Of course they’re war hamsters not battle hamsters. Everybody knows that!

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