carpe diem

March 25, 2010

Its the 25th here in Oz, which means I’m a day late, but I’ve been urged by some in the blogosphere to acknowledge Ada Lovelace Day. So I’m happy to link to this piece of nerdy goodness, as a celebration.

On that general subject, I’d be happy to celebrate π day as well. But it’s based on the North American tradition of putting the month first. (So when we hear 9/11, we just say “did something important happen on November 9th?”)

Of course the Brit-o-centric part of the blogosphere could just declare π day to be July 22nd, but that would seem… divisive…


10 Responses to “carpe diem”

  1. Mania Says:

    “Of course the Brit-o-centric part of the blogosphere could just declare π day to be July 22nd, but that would seem… divisive…”

    Ouch! I felt that from here. *grin*

  2. zardoz Says:

    Oh I’d be happy to do mm/dd if everybody made that the standard. Australia converted from pounds to dollars and from imperial to metric without too much drama. My favourite story is Sweden, where they changed the side of the road they drove on! Now that is mindboggling…

  3. Mania Says:

    I actually meant the mathematical pun. :>

    I’d prefer yyyy-mm-dd myself. So much neater. But getting people to change is difficult, and getting them to be logical even more so.

    And by the way, Sweden switching its traffic is absolutely stunning. Thanks for mentioning that!

  4. zardoz Says:

    Oh LOL! I’d love to claim that was intentional but I was at work when I put up the post so the brain was basically in neutral…

  5. tankadin Says:


    I prefer yyyy-mm-dd as well. It’s actually an international date format standard as defined by ISO 8601.

    The nice thing is that the dates are sortable.

  6. Chris Lewis Says:

    I’m trying to get in touch with you privately, please email me.

    Chris Lewis, UC Santa Cruz

  7. zardoz Says:

    Cheers; I’ve sent you an email.

  8. Nick Says:

    Is there a way to access the data from an earlier patch, or has that been thrown out? I’m interested in doing some comparisons between patches 3.2 and 3.3. Thanks a lot for a wonderful app.

  9. zardoz Says:

    There is no way from the published data to go back to previous patches. But I keep the old databases and could dump out data for you if you had something specific in mind. Leave another short comment if you’re interested, and I’ll email you.

  10. Nick Says:

    I’m looking for the distribution of level 80 rogue talent specs in patch 3.2 (i.e. the Most Popular Builds chart), in order to track how the 3.3 changes affected the adoption of different builds. Data from earlier patches would be useful too, but no worries if you can’t provide it. Thanks in advance.

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