patch 3.3.3

April 19, 2010

Just a brief note to say I’m updating my database for patch 3.3.3 now. I should have all my reports refreshed by the end of the week. Not much progress on anything else but; distractions are coming from every direction at the moment.


12 Responses to “patch 3.3.3”

  1. Bosco Says:

    I’m interested in datamining the armory (lvl80’s only) as well and I was wondering if there is anything special to crawling it.

    What’s the easiest way to obtain the names of all lvl80 characters on a realm? And is there a need to throttle so blizz doesn’t think I’m ddos’ing

  2. zardoz Says:

    I’m not aware of any way to get a complete list of all toons on a realm. My crawler does a type of exhaustive random walk which is intended to get a random rather than complete sample. I’d start by collecting up the names of the key guilds on the realm(s) you want from sites that do guild rankings and seeing where a request for the members of the guild can get you.
    I would be careful about the scan rate. My crawler does two armouries at a time (the US and EU ones) to minimize the disruption and it gets a throughput of about one toon per second per armoury. I’ve never had any complaint from Blizz about that rate – but I’ve never tried to go any faster. At that speed I get about 60-80K toons a day (depending on the tailwinds) and about a week and a bit to build the sample size I want since <= a million characters is clearly enough to produce an accurate random sample.

  3. solitha Says:

    Curious how likely it might be to get realm faction ratios available. There’s a lot of curiosity over it, and’s data is very unreliable.

  4. zardoz Says:

    Unfortunately this site works on the random sample principle – the same way pollsters estimate which way people are going to vote in an election. I collect a large sample of characters rather than every toon in the system. I can estimate the faction balance for a few realms and check my numbers against what is known elsewhere. I’d be interested as well to see what I can come up with. It would only be an estimate but, and only for level 80s, since that is where my largest sample size is.

  5. tankadin Says:

    Any idea on when you might attempt to break out some of the data along PvE vs PvP lines?

    I’m in a situation now in my guild where I’m trying to come up with a Fury Warrior build for one of my guild members and it’s really hard to figure out what is the best PvE raiding build.

  6. Dysan Says:

    Great site you have here. Very interesting metrics. I was putting together a project to data mine after seeing that there are no queryable data sources out there and was running into the same sort of problems when trying to gather data.

    I think you perhaps already have the data I am trying to gather so maybe I could suggest a report?

    A common question players have is what are the queue times for horde/alliance in BattleGroup X? This is generally a function the population and participation rate. Participation rate can be calculated by the Battleground games played statistic available in the armory. The ratio of population to participation should be a decent way of determining relative queue times.

    Also another question is what is the winning percentage for BattleGroup X? That can be calculated per battleground by the BG win and loss statistic from the armory.

    A single snapshot isn’t necessarily valid for driving these reports because it doesn’t take into account the past or inactive players, so multiple snapshots would be necessary to provide a baseline in order to determine real games played since the baseline.

    I just thought it would be nice to be able to Have a grid report something like this:

    Date | BattleGroup | BattleGround Map | Horde Population | Horde Win % | Alliance Population | Alliance Win %

    If you don’t have the data available and don’t think it will be I will move forward with my project to generate that data myself but it certainly could save me a TON of time if you already have access to that data 🙂


  7. zardoz Says:

    I should be able to put together something along the lines of the battlegroup reports that you want. And the PvP vs PvE thing is on my to-do list as well. Unfortunately various distractions are… well… distracting me, but I should be able to make more progress in a month or so.

  8. dysan Says:

    That’s great news! I eagerly await your results for as far as my research has shown, you will be the only one out there with such reports. Best of luck and I am excited to see the results 🙂

  9. tankadin Says:

    When you do your armory data pulls, what kind of information do you get regarding the gems. Is it names, stats, or item IDs?

    I’ve mentioned this before but I’d still like to see the gem popularity list grouped by stats (or stat combination for hybrid gems). So for example, all pure strength gems are grouped together regardless of the amount of strength.

  10. zardoz Says:

    Oh I’ve got all that data. The problem is lack of time to work on the site. Not sure when that’s going to improve; not in the next little while but.

  11. Dave Says:

    Hey Zardoz,

    I’m working on a project to collect fantasy names. As a longtime serious WoW player I thought that the armory database would be a huge source of creative names.

    Would you be willing to share some of the data you’ve collected with me?

    Thanks in advance. (And you should really try Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, Fifteen in downtown Melbourne. Been through there on holiday and it was a highlight of my visit in Melbourne.)

  12. Lujanera Says:


    Thank you for all your work on this website. It’s consistently both informative and interesting. I have shared it on a couple of occasions with friends who were amazed that you were able to pull together this kind of information.

    One thing that has come up in discussions on my server (Rivendare-US) and in the WoW forums is the effect that Alliance-Horde population balance has on the outcome of battles for Wintergrasp. Getting the actual wins/losses figures for each server would be quite a bit of work (it would require running a new character to WG on ~100 servers) but I suspect that this is something that could be estimated using achievements. By comparing when players get the 50/100/250/500/1000 Stone Keeper’s Shards achievement or Wintergrasp Veteran achievements to the Dungeon & Raid Emblem achievements, some rough guess could be made as to how often a faction controls WG. This data would be particularly interesting to look back on in 2-3 months following the upcoming changes to WG in 3.3.3.

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