updated for patch 3.3.5

August 13, 2010

I’ve refreshed all the reports over at the Google Appengine site to bring them up to date, except for the ones related to twinks and bg performance. I should have enough data to refresh them early next week.

No dramatic changes meet my eye, but alas I’m a bit busy with other things so I’ve only given the reports a quick once-over.


11 Responses to “updated for patch 3.3.5”

  1. […] 13, 2010 by spinks Zardoz recently refreshed his datamining reports, and I thought this was a good opportunity to look at how class distribution is changing in […]

  2. spinks Says:

    Hi Zardoz, I would be really interested in seeing the raw data for the class/spec breakdowns for PvE and PvP servers if that’s possible. (Mostly for future tracking.)

  3. zardoz Says:

    No problem. I’ll send you an email.

  4. Jeff Says:

    Just wondering, Why is it that your Class Battleground Performance page, the chart for level 80s does not show priests? I’m a priest and curious where priests are at, but they are missing from the “Battleground Class Effectiveness, Level 80” chart.

  5. zardoz Says:

    Priests have fallen off the edge of the chart because I’m setting the axis scales manually. I’ll fix it now. Thanks for spotting it. It’s interesting that each time I do those charts, the scales change. Unfortunately the sample size is a bit small, since only a small proportion of toons are effective PvPers.

  6. Travis Ross Says:

    Hi Zardoz, I am a PhD student in Cognitive Science & Telecommunications at Indiana University and one of the things I am interested in is using virtual worlds to do social science research.

    I believe that large scale data collection from VWs has a lot of potential for answering interesting questions about human behavior. I figured that I would drop you a line to see how your felt about the possibility of sharing your data with a researcher. I was going to look into doing some scraping myself, but you seem to be way ahead of me. Drop me a line via email if you are interested. Some information about my work -> http://www.travislross.com/CV.html



  7. Cool Guy Umek Says:

    Hey, really intrigued by the numbers here. Any chance or timeframe for an update for 4.01?

  8. zardoz Says:

    Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be updating the site. I’m not playing any MMOs now, so I’m moving on to other things. I’ll have a look at what effects Cataclysm is going to have on my database, but I’m expecting it will be… um… cataclysmic…

  9. Cool Guy Umek Says:

    Oh, I am sorry to hear that. Is it a pretty lengthy process to update the database? Or do you have a script to run though the Armory site?

    I understand if you cannot, but I was just looking for some reliable population reports.

    Thanks for your time.

  10. Robbie Says:

    Another fan of your great work here m8!

    So please update for 4.0.1 😀 /beg


  11. Bryan Says:

    Glad for you that you are finding new interests, but sad to see you moving on; you provided a really unique window into WoW. I hope someone gets inspired to carry on with similar work, but I suspect it is not so likely.

    Thanks for all the data that you have provided with this project, I’ve found it really interesting.

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