All reports are now hosted at my Google App Engine site. Over there you’ll find a menu system that will take you to the data pages that you are looking for.

Data is now here.


3 Responses to “Mage Talent Builds, Level 80”

  1. jackdog Says:

    Is there a place where people talk about spell rotations for arcane mages?

  2. Matthew Says:

    For my Arcane Mage i use the following…

    Arcane Bkast (3 times in a row)
    Arcae Barrage
    arcane missiles (if your spec has missle barrage)
    then use your arcane mind w/ watever u want, u usually pick frost fire or firebolt, then rinse and repeat

  3. Hyptu Says:

    Hey Zardoz,

    I’d like to use you “data mined” information for a German Mage Blog (
    and before copying I ask you, if I am allowed to do that. I would be happy if you say it’s ok.

    When possible, please answer by E-Mail.



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