All reports are now hosted at my Google App Engine site. Over there you’ll find a menu system that will take you to the data pages that you are looking for.

Data is now here.


2 Responses to “Subtlety Rogue Stats, Levels 10 to 80”

  1. Yoruichi Says:

    I have a 60 Subtlety rogue on Tanaris with about 1200 AP unbuffed (1198 to be exact), yet this chart states that the highest is 1093. My crit is also higher than the 29.3 max you have listed (mine is 30.46%). I’m sure there are higher people than me since I dont even have the best enchants or items for every slot either. How often does this update these listings?

    The link to my profile is at

  2. zardoz Says:

    The last update date is shown at the top of every page. Unfortunately, random sampling is not good at finding absolute minima and maxima. Perhaps I should change the row titles in the tables to “observed max”.

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