professional opinion

August 18, 2009

There’s a post up over at Wowenomics which speculates about the most profitable crafting professions and how that might have changed between patches. There is no armoury data that helps us relate professions to profits, but the post prompted me to have another look at the distribution of professions in general. This is the current state of play:

Patch 3.2 Patch 3.0.8
Mining 20% 20%
Herbalism 12% 13%
Enchanting 11% 10%
Jewelcrafting 9% 5%
Skinning 9% 13%
Tailoring 8% 9%
Alchemy 8% 8%
Blacksmithing 7% 7%
Engineering 6% 6%
Leatherworking 6% 7%
Inscription 4% 3%

There’s a lot less change in there than I was expecting, give that professions get worked over with the nerf bat just as classes do. I’ve marked the two most dramatic shifts: jewelcrafting and skinning. Jewelcrafting may indeed genuinely have been buffed to the point where people are more enthusiastic for it. The decline in skinning I’m not so sure about.

There has been a significant decline in some of the leather-wearing classes such as rogues and hunters; perhaps that has affected the crafting demand for hide. Certainly the classes that are flavour of the month want heavy metal and not the skins of small furry animals.