gimme some skin

July 23, 2009

Thanks to everybody over at Mania’s who said nice things about my hunter pets report. One thing that I got from that discussion is that hunters care a lot about the look of their pets as well as their DPS.  To help with that, I can now present a report on the skins used on the various types of pets and how rare or not each skin is.

So, for example, we have this for bats:

Skin Popularity
batskinwhite01 39.6%
batskinbrown01 31.9%
batskinviolet01 16.7%
batskin01 11.1%
Unknown 0.7%

You can jump from each skin name over to Petopia, where you can see the art, and find the creatures that you need to tame to get the look.

Special thanks go to Wayne, who not only gave me a bit of a prod to Just Do It, but gathered up all the pets-to-skins data that makes the report possible.


tenacious p

July 21, 2009

Or not… Ferocious, more than tenacious, it would seem. The next report in my series on hunter pets is up here. This one covers pet talents.

The most interesting numbers come from ignoring pet types and just consolidating the talent data across the three trees. For example, if we just get a count of each of tree we have this:

Ferocity 68%
Tenacity 22%
Cunning 9%

Of course this is a reflection of the popularity of the different creature types, but it is a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem – if hunters wanted the talents in the other trees they would just get different pets.

The thing I’m having a bit of trouble with is reporting on popular builds. For example, the most popular ferocity-based build is this one, which goes with cats, wolves and other non-flying ferocity-based pets. Part of its popularity comes from the fact that it can be applied to both cats and wolves – the two most common pet types.

But to link that build to either the Blizz or Wowhead calculators, I need to provide a specific pet family (I’ve set that link up for cats) even though I want to show consolidated build stats and not builds by each pet family.

My question to you is this: if I just set up all the links using just one pet type (one ground and one flying type, for each tree), would it be clear that this was consolidated data ?

cat on a hot tin roof

July 14, 2009

Mmmm… I’m lovin’ my Google App Engine site. So easy to update.

Here’s a consolidated list of the most popular hunter pets for each of the pet families.

the menagerie

July 13, 2009

Allrighty then… hunter pets. I’ve built a little test database with about 10K level 80 hunters – just big enough to test the reports that I want to develop. Let’s have a poke around in there and see what we can see.

Most hunters have three or four pets:

Number of Pets Count
5 1507
4 2582
3 2853
2 1746
1 676

As to the popularity of the available pet families, we have this:

Family Count
Cat 9507
Wolf 5014
Gorilla 2178
Devilsaur 2037
Core Hound 1897
Bear 1625
Raptor 1011
Spirit Beast 980
Bird of Prey 909
Ravager 784
Boar 709
Rhino 696
Crab 691
Scorpid 678
Wasp 593
Worm 572
Spider 549
Chimaera 503
Wind Serpent 475
Warp Stalker 418
Crocolisk 360
Turtle 303
Dragonhawk 285
Serpent 234
Silithid 188
Carrion Bird 183
Hyena 160
Moth 127
Bat 108
Tallstrider 98
Nether Ray 70
Sporebat 43

Hunters do like their cats. The final report will have an analysis of the most popular creatures in each category, along with links out to Wowhead.

Next, I’ll be looking at pet talents. What surprised me greatly is that just under half of all the pets in the sample have no talent points assigned at all. This seems to be a problem caused by combining pet talents with dual specs. There are a couple of threads on the official forums complaining about this, along with a discussion over at Mania’s. A dual specced hunter will have all their pets’ talents reset every time they switch out of a BM spec – that’s my understanding of the issue.

That might become a tad annoying, to say the least. Talent respec shell shock seems to be setting in all over the place at the moment.