dances with patches

December 14, 2009

I’ll be updating the data for patch 3.3 in due course. There’s a lot of class changes, so we’ll give it a couple of weeks to percolate through the playersphere. But there’s nothing much new in the XML that I can see, unfortunately.

There are also hints of interesting new armoury features to come. I’m not sure that very much can be datamined from them, but character activity notifications via RSS may hold real possibilities.

Meanwhile I’m working slowly through a to-do list based on your requests and suggestions. I’ve got an economics page up over at my Google site. I’m adding consolidated reports – ie across the total population – on the most popular gems, glyphs, enchants and crafted gear. I’m also looking at a similar set of reports based on my twink samples – that’s where some of the big spenders are so it would be interesting to see an overall picture of where the cash goes. They’re not spending up big on Haris Pilton bags, that’s for sure.