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July 13, 2009

Allrighty then… hunter pets. I’ve built a little test database with about 10K level 80 hunters – just big enough to test the reports that I want to develop. Let’s have a poke around in there and see what we can see.

Most hunters have three or four pets:

Number of Pets Count
5 1507
4 2582
3 2853
2 1746
1 676

As to the popularity of the available pet families, we have this:

Family Count
Cat 9507
Wolf 5014
Gorilla 2178
Devilsaur 2037
Core Hound 1897
Bear 1625
Raptor 1011
Spirit Beast 980
Bird of Prey 909
Ravager 784
Boar 709
Rhino 696
Crab 691
Scorpid 678
Wasp 593
Worm 572
Spider 549
Chimaera 503
Wind Serpent 475
Warp Stalker 418
Crocolisk 360
Turtle 303
Dragonhawk 285
Serpent 234
Silithid 188
Carrion Bird 183
Hyena 160
Moth 127
Bat 108
Tallstrider 98
Nether Ray 70
Sporebat 43

Hunters do like their cats. The final report will have an analysis of the most popular creatures in each category, along with links out to Wowhead.

Next, I’ll be looking at pet talents. What surprised me greatly is that just under half of all the pets in the sample have no talent points assigned at all. This seems to be a problem caused by combining pet talents with dual specs. There are a couple of threads on the official forums complaining about this, along with a discussion over at Mania’s. A dual specced hunter will have all their pets’ talents reset every time they switch out of a BM spec – that’s my understanding of the issue.

That might become a tad annoying, to say the least. Talent respec shell shock seems to be setting in all over the place at the moment.

pet sounds

July 3, 2009

Here’s news for Hunters:  Blizz has added your pets and their talents to your character talent page in the armoury.

That will give us a lot of new insight into the types of creatures that make the most popular pets, and how players spend pet talent points. The XML is straightforward and contains no quirks and so I’m cranking up the SQL editor as we speak.

I’ll try and have the new reports ready before the next refresh of my data. As to when that will be, well, about a week after Patch 3.2 drops. As to when that will be… well…