gearing up

November 5, 2008

I’m reasonably happy with my gear report now and I’m starting to crank out the pages. There are two pages up for priests – one for level 70 and one for level 69. The level 69 analysis is intended to be a guide for leveling players, giving suggestions for the gear to aim for as they pass through the 60-69 bracket. My plan is to post a set of lists for each class: one list for each x9 level and one at the level cap.

I haven’t broken out the PVP players yet, but that is still on the to-do list. Aside from anything else that will get us the x9 twink PVP gear choices which would otherwise get lost amongst the majority PVErs’ stuff.

One problem with x9 lists is that the sample size is very small. My test database has about 380,000 characters in it, but by the time we get to a specific class/level/tree (eg a 69 holy priest) we are down to double figures. For that reason, these x9 lists should just be seen as general shopping lists and the percentage values should not be taken too seriously.

Of course the WotLK event horizon is a potential problem even with gear. Based on what happened with the Burning Crusade, all those lovely purple thingamajigs in the level 70 lists are going to be yesterday’s epics very soon. For that reason I’m guessing that a level 69 list is going to be more useful than a level 70 list for the next couple of months.